If you are planning to buy an aircraft for business purposes on behalf of your organization, this is going to be an extremely difficult and complex decision to make. In an airplane, there are numerous things that you should focus on to make the right choice. However, before you start considering other specifications, take a look at the aircraft’s engine.

The engine you select will define your costs, maintenance requirements, travelling time and a lot of other elements that mean a lot to businesses. So, here are some engine options for you to consider before you decide on the right aircraft for your company.

Single Piston

The single-engine aircraft is the perfect option if you are planning to travel short-distances with a few passengers. These aircrafts have a single propeller engine that can carry you through short-range flights in fair and good weather conditions. Since these aircrafts can easily land at small runways, they usually get you closest to your destination. With an average capacity of 3 to 5 persons, this plane is ideal for companies that only have few people travelling to nearby locations.

Multi Piston

A more full-bodied choice of engine is the twin piston or the multi piston engine. The aircrafts featuring these engines are more economical and suitable for short-range travelling. They usually have a capacity of up to 8 passengers at a time along with some light cargo and a single pilot. In reduced weather conditions, these aircrafts are considered to be safer and more reliable than the single-engine aircraft. Therefore, in areas where weather is unpredictable, these planes are a better option for businesses to travel short distances.


The turboprop engine is a very popular aircraft engine that is used in different types of planes and is suitable for short as well as medium distance flights. The aircraft can hold between 4 and 8 passengers at a time and can travel to a range of 1,000 miles or 2-4 hours. What makes these engines the best option is the low-cost advantages it has to offer. Turboprops are not only easy to maintain, but they are also one of the most fuel efficient aircraft engines. Moreover, the cabin comfort of aircrafts with these engines is exemplary, making them an ideal choice for business travel.

Depending on what you need for your business, you can select any of these engines. However, the turboprop engine is by far the best option due to the cost advantages and additional travel miles it offers.