Bell Parts

EXTEX Bell Helicopter Parts

JSA is an international distributor of Bell Helicopter parts from Extex Engineered Products – a world leader in aerospace technology – offering reliable and thoughtful solutions for a better flight. With FAA-approved Bell replacements that are used in over 2 dozen aircraft models, Extex is known for high-precision manufacturing, providing superior performance and longer-lasting function. Delivering Extex Bell parts for commercial and military usage, JSA’s relationship with the company gives your flight unmatched mechanical proficiency.


EXTEX P/N Bell P/N Description
ASI-4010-404-1 204-010-404-001 RING ASSY, GIMBAL
TAI-4010-433-1 204-010-433-001 BEARING & LINER ASSY
TAI-4010-720-003 204-010-720-003 SLIDER, TAIL ROTOR
ASI-4011-116-1 204-011-116-001 NUT
ASI-4011-120-5 204-011-120-005 PITCH HORN ASSY
ASI-4011-121-5 204-011-121-005 GRIP, MAIN ROTOR
ASI-4011-121-9 204-011-121-009 GRIP, MAIN ROTOR
TAI-4011-143-005 204-011-143-005 BARREL, DRAG BRACE ASSY
ASI-4011-144-001 204-011-144-001 NUT, DRAG BRACE
ASI-4011-144-003 204-011-144-003 NUT, DRAG BRACE
ASI-4011-151-1 204-011-151-001 BOLT, BLADE MAIN ROTOR
ASI-4011-171-3 204-011-171-003 BOLT, PILLOW BLOCK
ASI-4011-403-1 204-011-403-001 RING ASSY, OUTER
ASI-4011-404-125 204-011-404-125 SUPPORT ASSY
204-011-409-1AL 204-011-409-001 BEARING
TAI-4011-425-1 204-011-425-001 SLEEVE, BEARING
204-011-430-1T 204-011-430-001 BEARING, SWASHPLATE
TAI-4011-443-001 204-011-443-001 BRG&LINER ASSY
ASI-4012-102-009 204-012-102-009 FITTING, INBOARD
ASI-4012-103-001 204-012-103-001 FITTING, OUTBOARD
ASI-4012-103-005 204-012-103-005 FITTING, OUTBOARD
ASI-4040-313-001 204-040-313-001 SPACER, T/R DRIVE QUILL
TAI-4040-424-105 204-040-424-105 BEARING
TAI-4040-514-001 204-040-514-001 SIGHT GLASS
TAI-4040-623-111 204-040-623-111 BEARING, BALL
ASI-4040-815-001 204-040-815-001 BOLT, LIFT LINK
TAI-6040-032-105 206-040-032-105 BEARING
TAI-6040-036-101 206-040-036-101 BEARING
TAI-6040-438-101 206-040-438-101 BEARING
ASI-9011-711-001 209-011-711-001 IDLER ASSY
TAI-2010-103-101 212-010-103-101 FITTING, STRAP-INBOARD, ASSY
TAI-2040-117-103 212-040-117-103 BOLT, LIFT LINK
TAI-2040-136-001 212-040-136-001 BEARING, MAST
TAI-2040-143-103 212-040-143-103 BEARING
TAI-2040-210-101 212-040-210-101 BEARING
TAI-2040-456-103 212-040-456-103 BEARING
TAI-2040-462-001 212-040-462-001 SHAFT
540-011-153-17AL 540-011-153-017 EXTENSION ASSY
540-011-449-3AL 540-011-449-003 BEARING
KSP9001-5 204-011-451-001 Trunnion Assy
SKCP3303-1 SKCP2281-103 UH-1H Main Drive Shaft
ASI-4011-408-105 204-011-408-105 Collective Sleeve
TAI-4011-105-001 204-011-105-001 M/R Trunnion