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    At Jetset Airmotive, Inc. we supply turbine engines and components for Twin-Pac, JT15D and all PT6A models



    We provide turnkey services for recovering, repairing, and reselling engines.

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    New and overhauled parts, accessories, and fuel management systems.

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    Jetset Airmotive, Inc. has been at the forefront of the aviation industry since 1981.



    At Jetset Airmotive, we take immense pride in being at the forefront of the aviation industry, focusing on the acquisition and resale of PT6 engines. Our dedication to excellence and proven track record for unmatched reliability, has solidified our standing as the preferred choice for individuals and businesses who are seeking to buy or sell PT6 engines.

    The Powerhouse of Aviation: PT6 Engines

    The Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 engine is an icon in the aviation industry, known for its reliability, versatility, and performance. Used in various aircraft, from turboprops to helicopters, PT6 engines are renowned for their ability to endure harsh conditions, making them a prized possession for aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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    Jetset Airmotive: Your Partner in PT6 Engine Solutions

    At Jetset Airmotive, we play an essential role in the PT6 engine ecosystem, connecting sellers with potential buyers. Our comprehensive network and industry expertise make us the perfect intermediary for individuals and businesses looking to sell their PT6 engines. Here’s how the process works:

    1. Evaluation and Assessment: When you contact Jetset Airmotive to sell your PT6 engine, our first step involves a thorough evaluation and assessment. We scrutinize the engine’s condition, maintenance history, and other pertinent details to determine its market value.

    2. Competitive Pricing: Our team of experts uses their knowledge and market insights to offer a competitive price for your PT6 engine. This fair valuation ensures that you get a reasonable return on your investment.

    3. Hassle-Free Transaction: Once a price is agreed upon, Jetset Airmotive takes care of all the necessary paperwork and logistics, making the selling process hassle-free for you. This includes handling any required documentation, inspections, and transportation.

    4. Payment and Logistics: You receive prompt payment for your PT6 engine, and we take charge of the engine’s transportation to our facilities. We maintain a fleet of specialized transport vehicles to ensure the engine’s safe arrival.

    5. Comprehensive Inspection and Refurbishment: Upon arrival at Jetset Airmotive’s facility, each PT6 engine undergoes a comprehensive inspection to assess its condition. Engines are then refurbished, if necessary, to meet stringent industry standards.

    6. Marketing and Sales: After refurbishment, Jetset Airmotive professionally markets the PT6 engine through our website and other channels. We have a global reach, allowing us to connect with potential buyers from all corners of the world.

    7. Customer Support: Throughout the selling process, Jetset Airmotive provides top-notch customer support, ensuring that both sellers and buyers have a seamless experience.

    Selling PT6 Engines with Confidence

    There are several reasons why individuals and businesses choose to sell their PT6 engines through Jetset Airmotive:

    Expertise and Reputation: Jetset Airmotive has built a solid reputation in the aviation industry through years of experience and successful transactions. Sellers trust our expertise and market knowledge.

    Competitive Pricing: Our commitment to providing competitive prices ensures that sellers receive a fair return on their investment.

    Convenience: We handle all aspects of the sale, from evaluation to transportation, relieving sellers of the stress and complexities involved in the process.

    Global Reach: Jetset Airmotive’s extensive network and online platform allow us to connect with buyers and sellers from around the world, expanding the market reach for both parties.

    Buying PT6 Engines through Jetset Airmotive

    Moreover, Jetset Airmotive is also the preferred choice for buyers seeking PT6 engines. Whether you’re an aircraft owner looking for a replacement engine or a maintenance provider in search of spare parts, Jetset Airmotive offers several advantages:

    Quality Assurance: All PT6 engines acquired by Jetset Airmotive undergo rigorous inspections and, if necessary, refurbishments to ensure they meet high-quality standards.

    Competitive Pricing: Buyers can trust that they are getting value for their money, as Jetset Airmotive offers PT6 engines at competitive prices.

    Expert Guidance: Our experienced team can provide guidance and recommendations to help buyers choose the right PT6 engine for their needs.

    Inventory Variety: Jetset Airmotive maintains an extensive inventory of PT6 engines, ensuring that buyers have access to a wide range of options.

    Worldwide Shipping: Jetset Airmotive facilitates worldwide shipping, making it easy for buyers to receive their engines regardless of their location.

    Jetset Airmotive’s role in the acquisition and resale of PT6 engines is a testament to our commitment to excellence and reliability in the aviation industry. By providing a trusted platform for sellers and buyers alike, we have established ourselves as a pivotal player in the PT6 engine market, offering convenience, competitive pricing, and quality assurance to all our customers. Whether you’re looking to sell your PT6 engine or acquire one, Jetset Airmotive is your trusted partner in the world of aviation engines.