Engine Management

Jetset Airmotive, Inc. has over thirty years of experience as a company in PT6A series overhaul management, repairs and hot section inspections. Since our inception in 1980, we have developed and maintained a high standard of relationships with all domestic and international repair and overhaul facilities.
Jetset Airmotive reduces your cost of repairs and overhauls by maintaining a large inventory of material in various conditions to meet your budget requirements. In addition, we are aware of warranty situations, service bulletin requirements and campaigns that apply to your engine repair or overhaul. We have the ability, because of our vast experience in the aviation industry with the PT6A series engine, to advise our clients of cost effective measures to undertake while their engine is going through the material management process for repairs, hot sections and overhauls.

Jetset Airmotive reviews all documentation pertaining to the engine and material of record. This assures traceability, proper application of service bulletins and life limited items. The engine will meet or exceed all manufacturers parameters set down within the overhaul and repair manuals.
Jetset Airmotive will communicate the exact cost of our transaction, utilizing various methods concerning the use of approved material. The suggestion to utilize overhaul condition (with trace), new or new PMA material, can affect the costs of the repair or overhaul. Thus our business relationship with all our clients is one that puts the client in a decision making roll along with Jetset Airmotive and eliminates confusing communications with overhaul and repair facilities.
Ours is a relationship business and we will be your knowledgeable representative looking after your best interest throughout the process.
To learn more about our engine MRO management, please contact Paul Reeves at preeves@jsamiami.com.