PT6 Parts


JSA’s selection of Extex Engineered Products for PT6 turboprop engines offers a variety of innovative aftermarket components with unmatched aviation performance. All Extex PT6 parts conform to the original form, fit, and function of anything they replace, with super finished gear surfaces that enhance durability. A world leader in aerospace tech, Extex specializes in manufacturing parts with total life-cycle capabilities that lower a PT6 powered aircraft’s operating costs while providing a secure flight experience anywhere they’re needed – thanks to JSA.


2022 PT6

EXTEX Part  OEM Part  Description
3024765TA 3024765 1st Stage Sun Gear
3028456TA 3028456 1st Stage Sun Gear
3029277TA 3029277 Bushing Kit
3037304TA 3037304 1st Stage Sun Gear
3101455-02TA 3101455-02 1st Stage Planet Gears
E3101527-01 3101527-01 1st Stage Planet Gears
3120085-01TA 3120085-01 Ring, Sealing
3010607TA 3010607 Blade Retainer ring
E3012801 3012801 1st Stage Comp. Blade
E3013102 3013102 PT Blade
E3014660 3014660 Seal Ring
E3018397 3018397 Tie Rod
E3031670CL14 3018503CL12 Segment View Part
E3018503CL16 3018503CL16 Segment View Part
E3018503CL20 3018503CL20 Segment View Part
E3018503CL9 3018503CL9 Segment View Part
E3019371 3019371 Tie Rod
E3019438CL5 3019438CL5 Segment View Part
E3019438CL9 3019438CL9 Segment View Part
E3020484CL5 3020484CL5 Segment View Part
E3020484CL9 3020484CL9 Segment View Part
E3020485CL5 3020485CL5 Segment View Part
E3020485CL9 3020485CL9 Segment View Part
E3018503LL20 3018503LL20 Shroud Segments View Part
E3023682 3023682 Interstage Stator Seal
E3023683 3023683 Interstage Rotor Seal
E3024979 3024979 Seal Ring
E3024992 3024992 Seal Ring
E3030102 3030102 PT Blade
E3031670CL14 3031670CL14 Segment
E3035020 3035020 Bushing Kit
E3035029 3035029 Bushing Kit
E3035030 3035030 Bushing Kit
E3035031 3035031 Bushing Kit
E3036777 3036777 Carbon Seal
E3037347CL19 3037347CL19 Segment View Part
E3037347CL23 3037347CL23 Segment View Part
E3039465CL12 3039465CL12 Segment View Part
E3039465CL19 3039465CL19 Segment View Part
E3039465CL24 3039465CL24 Segment View Part
E3043003CL19 3043003CL19 Segment View Part
E3043003CL23 3043003CL23 Segment View Part
E3045741-01 3045741-01 CT Blade View Part
E3057818-01 3057818-01 Seal Ring
E3100236-01 3100236-01 Seal Ring
E3100743-01 3100743-01 1st Stage Sun Gear
E3100767-01 3100767-01 1st Stage Sun Gear
3101525-02TA 3101525-02 1st Stage Planet Gears
E3102336-01 3102336-01 Stub Shaft
E3102336-02 3102336-02 Stub Shaft
E3109766-01 3109766-01 PT Coupling
E3109767-01 3109767-01 PT Rotor Air Seal
E3109767-02 3109767-02 PT Rotor Air Seal
E3110741-02 3110741-02 CT Seg. Retaining Ring
E3111231-01 3075469-01 Prop Seal Runner
E3112397-01 3112397-01 CT Seg. Retaining Ring
E3113770-01 3113770-01 Coupling Shaft
E3114662-01 3114662-01 Prop Seal Runner
E3120116-01 3120116-01 Retaining Ring
E3123071-01 3123071-01 CT Blade
E3123131-02 3123131-02 CT Blade
E3104402-01 3104402-01 Seal, Air PT Stator
E3104403-01 3104403-01 Seal, Air PT Rotor
E3018175 3018175 Coupling, Compresssor