Have you ever wondered what your PT6 Engine looks like when you’re coasting in the clouds?

Wonder no more. Pratt and Whitney Canada have assembled a detailed, life-size, functioning cutaway of the illustrious PT6 turboprop engine. It’s like a slice of pie was taken out of the steel creating a 3-dimensional window – it’s hot and cold sections painted accordingly – allowing you to see everything that moves. A fascinating work of art, you can now not only imagine what’s happening inside’, but watch it, too.

Offering unparalleled dependability, performance, and value, the PT6 turbine is a legendary technological marvel. With more than 51,000 PT6’s and various sub-variants taking to the sky since 1960, it’s known for its fascinating reliability and eclectic range. Having transported people and cargo over blazing equatorial expanses as well as vast arctic regions and everywhere else in between, its versatility makes the PT6 almost mythical.

Now, you can literally see how and why.

The most popular airplane engine class in the world, the PT6 has influenced several other models and secured Pratt and Whitney’s place as the leader in gas turbine engines. There’re around 6,500 operators in over 170 nations that sport PT6 engines, fixed-wing and helicopter. The list of crafts equipped with them is colossal, including everything for warplanes, agricultural vehicles, passenger transports, and, at one point, Air Force 1. Its reputation has compelled a cult-like following within the aviation industry, giving it a reputation of mythic proportions.

So, next time you’re in the sky cruising on air, remember the beauty of the engineering masterpiece that cradles so much precious cargo in the sky.

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