We all know the PT6 as one of the most powerful engines created by Whitney and Pratt in 1961. It’s the proven choice for demanding, high-cycle/high-power applications in single- and twin-engine aircraft for missions and applications of all kinds, but there are so many other things about the PT6 you might not know.

  1. The PT6 engine is famous! The PT6 engine is the most used turboprop engine in the aircraft industry because of its high functionality as well as reliability.
  2. The aerodynamic technology and material used in the designing of the PT6 engine makes them more powerful without having to considerably change their size
  3. The PT6 engine was the FIRST to introduce the digital electronic control system to small turbine engines classification.
  4. The PT6 engine is known as the best fuel-efficient engines that provide a maximum output which ranges between 433 and 1447 kW
  5. The PT6 wasn’t always used to power airplanes, jets or helicopters but race cars…can you believe it!?
  6. The PT6 engine has 390 million hours of flight time logged.
  7. P&WC have manufactured over 42,000 PT6A engines, and another 10,000 of PT6B, PT6C, and PT6T engines
  8. The PT6T is the company biggest selling PT6 turboshaft engine
  9. Half of P&WC’s annual engine assembly production is devoted to the PT6 engine: about 100,000 square feet of production area is devoted to assembling more them 1000 PT6 engines a year. Talk about favoritism!
  10. P&WC continues to refine its PT6 turboshaft engine and still believes its the engine that “opened up the world” and who could blame them? It seems half the world believes that too

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