In the US, aerial application is commonly used in agricultural sectors for various reasons, including the protection of crops through spraying pesticides, water or other substances. Over the years, the use of aerial application has grown significantly in the agricultural sector due to the various advantages this technique has to offer. Among the various crop protection methods used, aerial application can be considered the most effective due to numerous reasons.

  • When it comes to pesticide application, aerial application is the most timely and economic way to go. If you are dealing with infected crops on large or remote areas, aerial application offers fast treatment compared to any other method. You can actually end up adding somewhere around $15/acre to your bottom line through this method of fungicide and insecticide application as compared to ground application.
  • If you have to deal with different conditions on your farm, such as wet soil, dense plant foliage and rolling terrain area, the best way to carry out pest application can be aerial application. Often, it is the only available method for farmers to provide protection to their crops.
  • Most importantly, aerial application is less disruptive and damaging to both the soil and crops. As it treats crops from above, it does not result in crop trampling, which is common in ground application. This results in higher crop yield at lower expenses. Aerial application also prevents soil compaction and soil runoff, bringing down expenses even lower.
  • Since this type of crop protection method reduces danger to the soil and crop, this results in higher harvest yields. This means that you can use little area of land for the similar amount of harvest yield, getting a chance to preserve the natural eco system.
  • Aerial application is also very successful because it prevents carbon sequestrations and does not endanger the natural habitat of many species, meaning that if you are dealing with insect conditions, this type of application can prevent the condition from spreading around. It can also stop the spread of fungal spores at the farm.

If you want to control the pest application on a farm in the best way, aerial application and its increasing demand in the agriculture industry can definitely provide long-term benefits to the environment.

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