Agricultural aviation is an extremely important practice in the agriculture industry. Under this practice, small flying businesses and private pilots help farmers spray insecticides on their crops in a better way. Since aircrafts can spread the insecticides better, this helps the farmers produce an abundant supply of crops with fewer damages in a safe environment. Aviation practices are not just used to protect crops and agricultural fields, but also forests and other areas with disinfectants, protecting areas from mosquitoes that can cause diseases.


Being such an important practice, agricultural aviation is taken seriously by airline and engine manufacturers and solutions are designed specifically for agricultural operators. Recently, the leading global aerospace manufacturing firm P&WC also made an agreement to support agricultural aviation practices. The company made an agreement with Cascade Aircraft Conversion LLC to provide one of their strongest and most efficient engines, PT6. These engines will help agricultural operators who want to get their aircraft upgraded.


The PT6 engine was first introduced as a small gas turbine engine but has since evolved into a highly innovative turbine engine keeping the customer demands in mind. New technologies have been added to each version of this engine, turning it into one of the most trusted aviation engines around the world. The engine is used in different applications of the General Aviation market including utility, commuter, trainer and business aircrafts and helicopters. Due to its reliability and durability, the PT6 engine is one of the most popular aviation engines in the world.


The use of PT6 for agricultural aviation can be a beneficial turn for the agriculture industry. This engine offers affordability and durability, meaning that the cost of operating these engines is lower. This would allow the agricultural sector to use more cost-effective aviation solutions. Moreover, the engine has a substantially low fuel consumption ratio that can help the agricultural sector contribute more towards green living. This strong engine can enhance the performance of the aircraft providing services to agricultural sectors.


For agricultural aviation practices, the use of the PT6 engine is a wise practice that can be adopted in the industry for better performance in terms of agricultural aviation. Realizing the importance of agricultural aviation processes, P&WC continues to render support for the industry by providing PT6 engines for aircraft.

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