Almost everyone today finds the idea of green living appealing. With time, this type of lifestyle is bound to become more important for the sake of the earth’s sustainability. A lot of people who have adopted a greener lifestyle take pride in supporting businesses that have done the same too. However, how do you fly green? Every time you get on a plane, the fuel is going to burn, polluting the environment around. So, how do you make your traveling more eco-friendly? Beechcraft has offered the perfect solution for this problem by introducing King Air 350i.

Notable Specifications

Seating (Crew + Passengers / Max. Capacity)

1 + 9 / 11

Engine Type


Power Rating

1,050 shp


57 ft 11 in

Airplane Length

46 ft 8 in

Tail Height

14 ft 4 in

Max. Takeoff Weight

15,000 lb

Fuel Capacity (Useable)

3,611 lb

Max. Cruise Speed

313 kt

Max. Operating Altitude

35,000 ft

Takeoff Field Length

3,300 ft

Landing Field Length

2,692 ft



There are several features that make King Air 350i the perfect combination of innovation and comfort. Here is a highlight of some of the more noticeable features this aircraft has to offer:

  • Featuring the Collins Pro Line 21 avionic suites, the airplane has an intuitive design structure combined together with the latest flight technology.
  • The aircraft has highly improved fuel efficiency, but the payload for this twin engine plane is not remotely affected. This means that for a 300-600 nautical miles trip, the cost per seat-mile of King Air 350i is less than that of a single-engine turboprop.
  • King Air 350i is a perfect business aircraft that is designed for travelling anywhere globally. The aircraft can operate from runways as short as 3,000 ft., allowing it to travel into small areas.
  • The aircraft can travel with nine passengers, additional crew members and their luggage. Still, at maximum weight, the plane has an extraordinary climb rate of 2,730 ft. per minute when in twin-engine operating mode.
  • The aircraft features the most comfortable cabin you could think of, offering a Flexcabin system and a Venue Cabin Management System. You can reconfigure your cabin for work or play, making your flying experience more relaxing, enjoyable and prolific.

Fly Green with Beechcraft King Air 350i

If you are looking for a cost effective solution for up to 10 people or for business travelers, King Air 350i is a perfect choice. On shorter trips, the aircraft is estimated to be only 20 or 30 minutes slower while it consumes 20% less fuel compared to a 430-kt turbofan aircraft. In addition, the direct operating cost for this aircraft is less than $1,200 per hour, which includes the cost of fuel, maintenance and engine reserves. If you want to fly private and want something more affordable to make the trip, this is an aircraft you should seriously consider.

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