If your company is planning to invest in a business jet and you have been assigned this task, you must remember that this is a huge investment to make. Before you reach any decision about what to purchase, you need to consider a lot of factors very carefully and check out the specifications offered by different types of business jets. Now in terms of types of business jets, there are five different options you can select from; ultra-light jets, light jets, midsize jets, heavy jets and extra heavy jets.

Take a look at what kind of specs these different types of business jets have to offer.


Cabin Space

The first thing you need to consider is the cabin space you require in the jet. That way, you can assess the comfort level you will be getting. If you opt for a very light jet, the typical cabin space you will get will range between 160 and 305 cubic feet. For light planes, this can be 272-450 cubic feet, for midsize planes 465-1,035 cubic feet and for heavy jets 1,267 to 2,140 cubic feet. Extra heavy jets are usually much larger than heavy jets and offer various customized specs that make them stand out.


Maximum Speed

The speed can be another important factor to consider if time is of crucial importance in your business trips. The maximum speeds offered by very light, light, midsize, heavy and very heavy jets are 480 mph, 560 mph, 604, mph, 620 mph and 521 mph respectively. As you can see, extra heavy jets are not the fastest ones since they are extremely large and slow in their movement.


Flight Range

Flight range is the travel capacity of the flight, or the distance it could cover without any stop. The flight range offered by very light, light, midsize, heavy and very heavy jets lies between 1,100 nm and 1,300 nm, 1,800 nm and 2,500 nm, 2,642 nm and 4,045 nm, 3,044 nm and 6,750 nm, and 4,200 nm and 6,100 nm respectively.


Passenger Capacity

The passenger capacity of business jets is a very important factor to consider. If your company only plans to use the plane for occasional trips of a few employees, a smaller jet would be more suitable for them. However, if the purpose is to take the entire team on trips often, a larger jet might be more efficient. The passenger capacities of very light, light, midsize, heavy and very heavy jets are 4-6, 7-9, 8-12, 12-19 and 28-50 respectively.


Lavatory Options

Depending on how far you plan to travel, lavatory options are an important consideration before you make a purchase. Only 33% of very light jets have lavatories while 50% of light planes offer them. In the case of midsize, heavy and extra heavy planes, you can expect these planes to offer them.


Estimated Costs

Last, you have to consider what your budget is. The estimated costs of very light, light, midsize, heavy and very heavy jets range between $0.9 and $2.9 million, $4.2 and $12.9 million, $13.7 and $26.7 million, $23.6 and $46 million, and $40 and $52 million respectively.


After carefully analyzing all these factors and determining what your company needs and what it can afford, you can decide which type of plane you should get.

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