The first turbofan engine that is manufactured by P&WC, the JT15D series, includes the most durable and dependable turbofan engines that you would come across in the market. The first ever engine of this series was introduced back in 1971. Since then, new models have been introduced to this series, featuring the latest technologies and features.


Over the years, this remarkable turbofan engine by P&WC has maintained an excellent track record of performance in the jet business aviation and specialized trainer aircraft industry. Being used in aircraft like Cessna, Beechcraft, Aerospatiale Corvette, Hawker and Mitsubishi Diamond, this engine is quite useful and functional when it comes to business aviation.


The latest engines of the JT15D series are not just reliable and durable, but are fuel efficient and environment friendly as well. The JT15D is basically a two-spool engine that includes a total of six rotating components along with a high pressure, single stage centrifugal compressor. The compressor of the engine is driven by one single stage low pressure and one single-stage high pressure turbine. The power is used towards driving a large and robust fan that comes with wide-chord blades. To ensure fuel efficiency and lower emission, a reverse flow combustor is used in the engine. In addition, the engine offers an impressive durability level, delivering more than 10,000 hours between the overhaul.


For smaller business airplanes, the JT15D turbofan engine is extremely useful due to the advantages it has to offer. The benefit of all for business jets is the low noise level it produces. For business jets, a certain legal limit is applicable to the amount of noise their engine can produce since it will directly make travelers vulnerable to noise pollution. The remarkable JT15D engine is known to produce one of the lowest noise level compared to other turbofan engines, making it an ideal choice for smaller business jets.


Another reason that makes JT15D perfect for smaller business jets is its fuel efficiency. The engine burns a substantially low amount of fuel compared to the other popular turbofan engines, resulting in lower fuel costs and more environment-friendly operation. For business jets, this can help reduce their overall operational costs significantly while making their jets more appealing to passengers. Both of these features of a JT15D engine make it a much preferable engine choice in the business aviation industry.


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