If you are looking for aircraft engines that can deliver fuel-efficient but extremely reliable and powerful performance, the PT6 engines are the best you can pick. Known as the family of world’s most popular engines, PT6 is a powerhouse packed in a compact body courtesy of smart material, aerodynamic and designing technologies used by Pratt & Whitney Canada. While there are more than 69 different models under the umbrella of PT6 engines, the featured model reviewed here is the PT6A-34, a small-sized turboprop engine that offers value, performance and reliability.


Like all other PT6 engines, PT6A-34 is designed based on five key performance principles that the company follows; performance, reliability, durability, environment-friendliness and fuel efficiency. PT6A-34 is a two-shaft engine that is equipped with a single-stage compressor, featuring a forward facing turbine section and a rearward reverse flow inlet. The forward facing turbine output allows for faster refurbishments of hot section when required. As a small PT6A engine, this model has comparatively low power levels as compared to other engines that can be found in the PT6 family.


PT6A-34 offers 750 shaft horsepower, measuring 62 inches in length and 19 inches in diameter. The maximum propeller speed offered by this engine is 2200-rpm. The engine is used in aircraft applications, including the following aircraft:


  • Vazar Dash 3 Turbine Otter
  • Quest Kodiak
  • Pacific Aerospace XSTOL (750XL)
  • Frakes Mallard
  • Embraer Caraja
  • Embraer Bandeirante EMB-111
  • Embraer Bandeirante EMB-110


Due to the innovative advancements made to the PT6A engines, PT6A-34 offers increase maintenance intervals, reducing the maintenance expenses incurred for sustaining optimal performance. The basic hot-section inspections of this engine are to be scheduled after every 1,500 hours and the time before outages is 4,000 hours.


The PT6A engines are some of the most diverse and powerful engines available in the market today for aircraft applications. If you are looking for a fuel-efficient and powerful turboprop engine with the mentioned specifications, PT6A-34 is definitely the best engine you can pick.


For 50 years the PT6 engines have been known as the most reliable and durable choices, and with the way the company is working with advanced innovative technologies, you can expect them to deliver only the best.