Within the turboprop engines category, the PT6A engine remains one of the most popular and reliable engines used worldwide in most aviation industry sectors. From the time it was created until now, this engine is known as the biggest success story of P&WC, giving the company true recognition and fame in the aviation industry. Since 1961, when this engine first made its round in the market, it has become an engine that is best known for its reliability and number of innovative features added from time to time to the latest engine models of this series.


P&WC was a sales and service company that assisted bush flying operations. During World War II, the company started assembling and servicing engines to be used at the warfront. However, it was in the mid 1950’s that the company decided to come up with its own engine design and started working on its first ever turboprop engine PT6. With the new design that the company came up with, the whole face of the aviation industry was changed. It was the introduction of PT6A in the market that lead to the development of the new generation turboprop engines that are now leading the market. With the introduction of PT6A, P&WC became one of the biggest engine manufacturers in the aviation industry.


Over the life of the PT6A, its hallmarks have been versatility and dependability, which is why it remains the base of many of the latest model of this series available today. Over the years, the PT6A engine has gained significant power due to the latest technologies and aerodynamics while maintaining its small size. Compared to the original PT6A engine, the current models are also easier to operate, have increased maintenance intervals, and produce much lower emissions. Today, you can find more than 69 models of the PT6A engine, all ranging in power between 500 and 2,000 hp. Since the time of its inception, more than 41,000 PT6A engines have been manufactured, accumulating 335 million flying hours in total.


PT6A is truly a remarkable engine in the turboprop category, the performance of which is unmatched in the market. If you are looking for an aircraft engine that can perform with utmost durability and reliability, the PT6A engine is exactly what you are looking for. Visit JSA’s Engines page for more information on the PT6A engines we have available.