Hot Section Inspection

Hot Section Inspection

hot section inspection

JSA’s PT6 Hot Section Inspection checks and certifies that all engine components are up to FAA flight regulations

With so many moving parts and the critical importance of their efficiency, PT6 engine hot sections are basically the meat on an aircraft’s bones.

PT6 hot section inspection takes precision and expertise, which are JSA staples. We provide clients affordable preventative care that’s more cost-effective and practical than a complete engine overhaul.

A hot section inspection (HSI) examines the condition of a number of key engine components between overhauls. Turbine blades, combustion chamber, stators, vane rings, compressors, and more are all scrutinized and diagnosed by our team of FAA certified engineers. A PT6 HSI could mean the difference between pleasant flight or financial burden – if not worse.

Because of JSA’s sophisticated engine health monitoring system, we can perform only the required maintenance when it’s required. This makes aviation safer and more affordable – which translates to enjoyable.

With over 35 years of history in experienced engineering, JSA’s PT6 field maintenance offers a full list of services is available anywhere they’re necessary: troubleshooting, vibration analysis, in field repair, rigging, borescope inspections, etc. We also keep detailed records of our clients’ crafts to ensure they receive preventative maintenance to ensure our clients never get stranded far from home.

Trust Jetset Airmotive’s PT6 engine vibration check, we won’t let you do – literally.