Our team of FAA-certified technicians delivers the highest quality service and parts to our friends anywhere – on the planet.

Aircraft are made to travel so the need for maintenance when you’re far from home is common. But not being close to resources you’re familiar with could have you at a disadvantage. There are always mechanics and techs available to help anywhere, but are they familiar with a PT6, specifically yours?

And – most importantly – can you trust them enough to invest hard-earned money in their competence while placing your personal wellbeing in their hands?

So, what can you do?

Pilots and mechanics with skill develop trusted networks of peers in the flight community, becoming “maintenance buddies.” Though you should always travel with the right contacts, records, and manuals in preparation for any emergency, it’s impossible to be ready for everything. But, as a wise man once said, you can get “high with a little help from your friends.”

JSA’s FAA-certified PT6 parts and technicians take this idea and crank it up to eleven. A maintenance buddy with all the right industry connections and experience in things like Beechcraft engine maintenance as well as the ability to get you parts overnight or fly out anywhere in the world to give you a hand really comes in handy. We even file records and manuals of your aircraft to keep us up to date with required upcoming maintenance giving us better-diagnosing capabilities.

Our maintenance buddies at Pratt and Whitney, Extex Engineered Products, and Southwest Turbine, Inc. become yours. This ensures we always have the best parts and solutions for you, your PT6 engine, and your airplane, keeping you safe.

What does this mean for you and your PT6 engine?

A good maintenance buddy like JSA will take on any challenge you encounter anywhere and fast.

Should you find yourself in Timbuktu in need of anything, JSA is there. Cataloging your engine’s history and diagnostics gives us insight not available to a mechanic in Timbuktu. Even the best PT6 mechanic there couldn’t provide the knowledge available to your JSA buds. We’re familiar with the engines of our pals, delivering regular upkeep with borescope inspections, hot section inspections, and vibrations analysis to make sure you don’t even leave your hangar with your plane at optimal capacity. We deliver trustworthy parts at friendly prices and can get you FAA certified mechanics to install them.

It helps to have professional engineers who specialize in PT6 troubleshooting – yours in particular.

Not every problem can be solved with an overhaul and making sure you’re not being sold the farm when all you really need is an egg is crucial. You don’t want to be tricked into rigging a new engine when our last hot-seat inspection reveals all you need is a few parts. Engineers all have opinions making troubleshooting pretty subjective. You want someone experienced on your side who knows your machine, especially when you’re in personally uncharted territory and desperate for a fix.

JSA is your PT6 aircraft’s BFFs

JSA knows first-hand that pilots fly every chance they get – wed do it, too. With over 35 years of experience in the airplane maintenance world, we’ve got the capabilities and connections that keep you in the air. Take advantage of your JSA buddies. There’s no better way to get the most out of your flight experience in terms of fun, safety, and finances.

Hey, what are friends for?