PT6’s soar into the future with a new iOS and Android friendly app that connects pilots to everything they need to know about their craft… and then some

The PT6 handbook – all 270 pages – is essential to anyone who’s craft is powered by one of these legendary engines. The roadmap to its vitality, any PT6 pilot worth their weight in salt has a well-thumbed copy of this encyclopedia stashed somewhere nearby for easy access in case anything goes wrong. A bulky, heavy, outdated, unconnected, time-consuming to navigate copy just sitting around taking up valuable cargo room, waiting to be damaged or lost.

Thankfully, Pratt & Whitney Canada have come up with a modern little solution to this 20th-century problem. Know My PT6 – a new app for iOS and Android developed July – provides instant access to the entire handbook and more conveniently through any mobile device. A need contemporary PT6 adventurers didn’t even know they had, the app connects pilots to their engine, authorized service facilities, licensed parts distributors, online assistance, and the aviation community around the world.

Know Your PT6

Once downloaded into a mobile device, Know My PT6 registers a user’s aircraft model and manufacturer to collect information specific to their needs. This allows the app to deliver relevant news, notifications, help, and other content while also connecting users to support through an interactive world map that identifies authorized service centers.

A customer portal, news alerts, videos, engine schematics, and an extensive library of carefully curated insights found on Pratt & Whitney’s Airtime blog, Know My PT6 has instant access to all of these all through a smartphone.

“You can access the information 24/7 whether you’re online or offline and you don’t have to input a user ID and password,” explains Yves Houde, PT6A Customer Manager for Pratt & Whitney.  “Everything you need is there.”

A Modernized Legend 

With volumes of encyclopedias available to anyone who has a mobile device and a little memory, it’s only natural that something as vital as the PT6 handbook finds its way into an app. However, Know My PT6 is more than just the handbook – thanks to the perks of the modern age – and it serves on levels that seem logical with the capabilities of today but are only being applied now.

“What’s special about this app is that we can tailor the content for different engine models and filter out unnecessary information,” said Houde. “The idea behind it is to give the PT6A community – particularly pilots, owners and operators – easy access to information that we think is important for them to know in terms of operating and maintaining their engines.”

Download Know Your PT6 and look for JSA.  We’ll be there.