PT6 is one of the most used turboprop engines in the aircraft industry. First introduced in 1961, the engine has since become one of the most popular engines of all times, mainly due to its high functionality and reliability. The engine has a large range of variants that offer shaft horsepower between 500 and 2300. Due to the variant this engine has to offer, all with different functional features, it is used in different types of aircrafts that are used for different missions.

Here is a glimpse of missions that are typically undertaken by PT6 powered aircrafts, which covers almost all major aviation sectors, showing how diversely functional this engine can be.

Agricultural Aviation

Agricultural aviation trips are made by PT6 powered aircrafts in most parts of the US and the use of this engine has left an indelible mark on the industry. For many years now, special PT6 engines are being designed by P&WC for agricultural aviation purposes, meeting the exact standards required for such applications. Agricultural operations are by far the most popular operations associated with PT6 engines.

Medevac Aircraft

Medevac aircrafts or air transportation of patients from one place to another is another field where PT6 engines are extremely popular. The right combination of speed, fuel-efficiency and reliability this engine offers makes it one of the most preferred choices for aircrafts intended for medical evacuation. This is a specialized industry where flight response time matters greatly and PT6 engines add reliability to these operations.

Sight Seeing Aircraft

Sightseeing aircrafts are small planes that take a few people and fly over different locations, allowing the people to enjoy a bird’s eye view. These planes are designed specifically to ensure that people can take photos during the flight. Flying at the right height, usually at a lower altitude, is important in these flights. Being one of the most used engines for smaller planes, PT6 is used widely in this industry.

Business Aviation

Business aviation is another industry where PT6 powered aircrafts are widely used. In business aircrafts, fuel-efficiency and flight times matter a lot in order to keep the flight economical. Since PT6 is one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft engines, it’s no surprise it’s commonly used in business aircraft, whether they are small chartered planes or large commercial ones.

Aerial Surveying

Aerial surveying also uses aircraft powered by PT6 engines as they add speed and efficiency to these operations. In aerial surveying, a geomatics method is employed to collect information about different things or areas, using aerial photography as a tool. Remote sensory imagery of LiDAR is used for capturing these photographs while a camera head is added to the specially designed aircrafts.

Cargo Aviation

PT6 powered aircraft are also used in the cargo aviation industry. The PT6 engine is powerful enough to travel large distances while carrying huge loads, making it an ideal choice for aircrafts that are designed for cargo operations. This engine is much more efficient for this purpose than most of its counterparts.

All these PT6-powered aircraft missions clearly show the diversity of functionality that this engine has to offer. In all these aviation sectors and many more, PT6 is undoubtedly one of the most popular engines today known for efficiency, power and speed.