“You always win the race when you have more power than your competitors”

The Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6 is a turboprop aircraft engine and it is the powerhouse of all engines. Why do you think that it’s on the lips of most airplane engineers working today? The PT6 engine even has a huge influx of people that have named themselves after it. They call themselves the “PT6 Nation”, which means that the only engine they’re willing to buy is the PT6 . Let me tell you why.

They’re efficient

PT6 is a Turboprop engine, which means it uses reverse flow. This allows the engine to be more fuel efficient, feel lightweight despite the tremendous power it’s propelling, and they can fly for more hours compared to any other engines. The PT6 engines are also readily available. We have become a society where we want things on demand and the PT6 engine is the best engine for that.

They’re versatile

The PT6 is one of the best engines to buy because of how versatile it is. A PT6 engine works with a wide variety of airplanes from a 50 seat passenger airplane to a single pilot crop-duster. Which means that it appeals to a wide group of engineers. Not only that but the PT6 power also ranges from 500 shp to over 2000 shp which allows the airplane engineers to choose one that better fits his or her airplanes needs.

PT6 is constantly improving and remodifying themselves.

PT6 has been here since 1963. They have been here for only 55 years and have already become a household name that refuses to be content or stagnant. Each year they are coming up with new ways to make their engine more efficient, reliable and more powerful than it already is. Recently, they have announced that they will be launching a new PT6 engine. One with 15 percent more power and 5 percent better fuel consumption. This will allow for more time in the air and less time stopping.

The PT6 engine was designed to be ahead of its time and as decades pass by, it’s proven how it still is. There is no better engine than the PT6 engine and that’s why you will always find other engines trying to recreate it. Unfortunately, a duplicate can never beat the blueprint.


  • Multi- stage axial and single-stage centrifugal compressor
  • Reverse flow, radial inlet with screen for FOD (Foreign Object Damage) protection
  • Large high power PT6A models incorporate 4-stage axial and 1-stage centrifugal
  • Small and Medium PT6A models incorporate 3-stage axial and 1-stage centrifugal
  • Reverse flow combustor
  • Low emissions, high stability, easy starting, durable
  • Single-stage compressor turbine
  • Cooled vanes in some models to maintain high durability
  • Independent ‘free’ power turbine with shrouded blades
  • Large and Medium PT6A models incorporate 2-stage axial power turbine
  • Small PT6A models incorporate 1-stage axial power turbine
  • Forward facing output for fast hot section refurbishment
  • Epicyclic speed reduction gearbox
  • Enables compact installation
  • Output speed optimized for highest power and low propeller noise
  • 1,700 to 2,200 rpm output speed
  • Electronic engine controls on multiple PT6A models
  • Other models incorporate various control modules and override features to promote ease of operation and safety of flight

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