Jetset Airmotive is the place to call when you want state of the art maintenance. Since 1981, Jetset has continued providing excellent services while expanding in inventory and distributorships. Their inventory has so many options that it allows you, the client, to choose which repair or overhaul you would like based on your budget. Not only that but their maintenance staff and other areas of service provide you with  expert knowledge concerning any problems that might occur while you are troubleshooting. But wait! That’s not the best part. They can fly to you! Within 24 hours, if you’d like, they can be by your side, assisting you with your overhaul/ repair or just to provide you with the latest in technical expertise. What other companies won’t do, Jetset Airmotive won’t hesitate to for their client’s needs and satisfaction.

In addition to our maintenance, repair and overhaul management service, Jetset Airmotive offers a variety of valuable services to our clients such as:

State-of-the-art borescope inspections.

Airframe & Powerplant certified maintenance personnel on staff who can travel domestically or internationally with 24 hours notice.

Hot Section Inspections

Vibration Analysis

Trouble Shooting


In-Field Repairs

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