Many people from different industries have heard of PT6 Engines, but how many of those same people know what it actually stands for? PT6 is a turboprop aircraft engine that stands for Pratt and Whitney Canada. Pratt and Whitney Canada originally produced the PT6 in 1956 when the president of PWC ordered his engineers to create a turboprop engine designed to replace piston engines. He envisioned a gas turbine that was smaller than those made by the U.S and would therefore elevate PWC in the aviation world. His vision ultimately succeeded in establishing Pratt and Whitney as a powerhouse in the aviation world.

His vision led him to produce one of the most versatile, powerful turbine engines that people trust to this day. Gas engines have a higher power to weight ratio than piston engines, and the smaller size made it versatile – with the ability to adjust to a variety of airplanes. It was able to give a longer flight time due to its fuel efficiency as well. PWC has kept developing and upgrading the PT6 to suit today’s aviation requirements. With more than 51,000 engine, the PT6 tells quite a story of creativity and transformation. PT6 has become an international brand name in the aviation industry. Many companies cater specifically to PT6 and Jetset Airmotive is one of them. They’ve been the number one online Aviation Industry since 1981. They provide popular engines such as the PT6A-27, 28, 41, 68 and more.

 All versions of the PT6 engine consist of two sections that can be easily separated for maintenance: a gas generator supplies hot gas to a free-spinning power turbine. The engine utilizes two independent turbine sections: one driving the compressor in the gas generator section and the other driving the propeller shaft through the reduction gearbox. This is what gives the PT6 its power that allows for long flight time. Pratt and Whitney Canada created an engine that stays true to the era its in and upholds what their company is about, providing flight that centers around human progress.

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