Flying an airplane is one of the most thrilling jobs someone can have, but the responsibility that the pilot, airplane technicians, and airlines have, are heavy. Planes have given humans the ability to travel around the world in just a couple of hours and millions of people use this form of travel every day.

Traveling is one of the top things on most people’s bucket lists and many are using planes to get to the destinations they want to arrive too. Yet, delayed flights have become more prevalent recently and we can’t help wondering why. Jetset Airmotive has been in the forefront of the aviation industry since 1981 and supplies turbine engines and the components for all PT6A models, Twin-Pac and JT15D-4 engine. They’re here to give you three reasons why planes get delayed sometimes.

Air Traffic Restrictions

Since the 1980s, air passenger traffic has grown exponentially. Before it was half a billion and now it’s over three billion passengers a year. With so many airplanes on the air, traffic is bound to happen especially in certain areas of the world. Due to infrastructure, certain areas of the world such as the United States do not get the same radar coverage. This forces air traffic regulators to require larger periods of time between takeoffs and landings to ensure safety. Not only that but just like when you’re driving an automobile, weather conditions can affect whether airlines will change their routes last minute or spend extra time on the ground. This is because weather conditions can be very dangerous due to the turbulence and how it might affect the airplane.


Fueling a plane is very important since this is what allows a plan to fly for many hours but sometimes there are issues getting planes fueled in a timely manner. This can cause a significant delay because it can take up to 2 hours to refuel a jet, especially larger aircrafts meant for long-haul or transoceanic flights.

Maintenance Issues

Airplanes must be properly maintained and taken care of, so that no difficulties happen during the flight such as low fueling, but at times issues do arise out of nowhere. Maintenance issues are one of the reasons airplanes get delayed.  Pilots have a tendency to run checks on the plane they are flying just before the plane is about to leave. If they find something that seems odd or dangerous, such as an engine not working properly, they need to address it. The plane will not leave until everything is properly fixed and this can at times lead to a switching of an airplane or flights getting canceled.  When this happens, it can be very frustrating to both the passengers and the pilot. Airlines, owners who own airplanes and pilots know the importance of having an experienced aviation company to help you with the repairs and maintenance is. Jetset Airmotive has been here since 1981 and has gained years of working alongside pilots, airplanes, and airlines. They recognized their customers’ needs and implemented a highly successful field service support program. This program allows their technicians to be available around the clock to provide a wide array of services such as onsite repairs, troubleshooting, installation and/ or removal as well as borescope inspections. Not only that but they also specialize in all PT6 engine parts and can help you find an engine you might be looking for.

Jetset Airmotive has over 20,000 parts in their inventory. They provide engines, parts and a wide array of services to make aviation a little easier on the pilots, airlines, and airplanes. If you are looking for a specific engine part, they probably have it. Call them today at (305)825-2001 or fill out the Contact Form.