Turboprop TBO isn’t an arbitrary deadline – your engine’s performance depends on it

The time between overhauls (TBO) of airplane engines is calculated during the manufacturer’s engineering process in order to ensure an aircraft performs its best even after long hours of operation. It’s a critical moment in its existence that will determine future performance so overhauls should not be taken lightly, and neither should TBO since it determines just when and what parts in the engine need to be repaired or refurbished. When these parameters are followed safety is enhanced and the lifespan of an engine can be prolonged.

JSA has been managing engine overhauls for over 3 decades, helping aircraft stay safe with our FAA-certified parts. We’re honored to help our clients continue to soar the sky by keeping tabs of their TBO while safely prolonging their flight time.

What determines an engine’s TBO maintenance?

Typically, TBO ranges between 3,000 to 6,000 flight hours, but several factors must be considered – like the setting of operation, type of operation, frequency of operation, etc. – in order to properly calculate when is right for your airplane. Hot and humid regions corrode engines differently than areas known for dry, cold air. Besides that, it really depends on how hard you push your aircraft. Casual aviation aircraft will have a greater TBO for PT6 engines than everyday work vehicles, so every plane is unique.

Another key factor of TBO is the airworthiness of parts. Sometimes, a simple fix or replacement can add several hours of flight time. Make sure your turboprop  borescope inspection and hot section inspection are conducted at the suggested times in order to safely extend your TBO. If anything needs to be revamped, JSA has the turboprop engine parts that you need.

Turboprop TBO warranty coverage

Most overhaul-related costs, such as part repair and replacement, may be covered by an engine’s warranty – unless the manufacturer’s TBO has passed.

The importance of this simple fact to your airplane’s life and your budget cannot be understated. Regular maintenance checks as prescribed by the engineers behind the machine have been set for safety and financial reasons. Let JSA be in charge of your turboprop TBO management to avoid any unnecessary headaches.

When is your engine’s TBO?

The TBO of any engine is not an arbitrary suggestion one can disregard without running the risk of serious consequences. Let JSA help you manage your engine’s TBO – we’ll keep them few and far between as well as facilitate any necessary overhauls to your airplane when the time is right.

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