At Jetset Airmotive, we strive to find long-term solutions for our customers. This practice has allowed us to maintain a wonderful customer base that has been with us for decades. With this principle in mind, we’ve introduced the MORE Program to many members of our PT6 family.


The M.O.R.E. (which stands for Maintenance On Reliable Engines) Program, is essentially a unique maintenance regimen that would allow operators to, on average, double their TBO. This program has helped our customers operate their aircrafts in a safer and more reliable way while significantly reducing costs. Our customers have noted that the cost of following the MORE Program instructions totals less than half of what an average engine overhaul would have cost them.


It is important to note that the MORE Supplemental Type Certificate for an 8,000-hour TBO is equivalent to the Pratt & Whitney Canada Type Certificate for a 3,600-hour TBO. Source (FAA SAIB: NE-08-40). Over 2,000 STC’s have been issued illustrating the program’s popularity. There are many more facets to this great program. Call us today at 305-825-2001 to see if the MORE Program is right for you.