In-Field Repair

In-Field Repair

jet engine in field repair

JSA’s PT6 In-Field Repair Program flies FAA-certified technicians and high-quality parts around the world for any PT6 maintenance need

Aircraft are made to travel so the need for maintenance when far from home is common. But not being close to resources you’re familiar with could have you at a disadvantage and the need for reliable help at an affordable price in a timely manner couldn’t be stressed more.

Understanding the urgency of these situations, JSA’s team of FAA-certified PT6 field service support PT6 technicians and parts are at your disposal 24/7 anyplace in the world within 48 hours.

Armed with their tools and years of knowledge, our technicians provide maintenance and components of the highest caliber. JSA is a proud distributor of Extex Engineered Products and Southwest Turbine parts, manufacturers aviators trust. We also offer engines and other parts to satisfy all PT6 requests.

With over 35 years of history in experienced engineering, JSA’s PT6 field maintenance offers a full list of services is available anywhere they’re necessary: troubleshooting, vibration analysis, rigging, hot section inspections, borescope inspections, etc. We also keep detailed records of our clients’ crafts to ensure they receive preventative maintenance to ensure our clients never get stranded far from home.

Trust Jetset Airmotive’s PT6 in-field servicing to be your maintenance buddies, we won’t let you do – literally.