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Turboprop Engine Rigging | Jetset Airmotive, Inc.

Professional Turboprop Engine Rigging

Turboprop Powered Aircraft Are Versatile & Affordable

Turboprop engine rigging takes time and requires a team of certified pros – Let JSA handle it

Superior turboprop engine rigging is fundamental to an aircraft’s performance.

Not only is it required for safety, but it also boosts aerodynamic output by increasing stability, fuel efficiency, component health, and optimizing virtually every factor involved with operational capacity.

Jetset Airmotive’s FAA-certified technicians have the type of experience that only comes with 4 decades in the field of flight technology, and one of the things we do best is rig turboprop engines.  

What is aircraft engine rigging and why does it matter?

Aside from needing a sign-off from a licensed A&P mechanic to ensure your craft is up to specifications, there are a few other reasons why you should let the pros take this one.  

PT6 rigging is quite basically the act of placing an aircraft’s engine/s on the rest of the machine, but that’s much easier said than done – and much easier done than done with precision.

First of all, if aircraft with two engines do not have both rigged exactly the same way, one may have a different power output than the other.  The aviator then has to compensate by playing with the power levers.  The engines must behave the same way as the corresponding partner on the other wing at all times.  This is particularly helpful during landing as it eases the handling, increasing safety. It would be like driving a car with poor wheel alignment, pulling the car to one side, requiring the driver to turn the wheel to keep the vehicle straight.

This is exponentially important the more engines you add to the equation.

Professional Turboprop Rigging

Aircraft engine alignment is what keeps the propeller of the aircraft in the precise direction you choose. Left, right, up, down, vertically, it’s always important to reduce the effects of engine torque on flight characteristics.  

This is not a simple thing that can be a DIY project: it requires serious knowledge and some heavy machinery. The importance of having a team of professionals at your side to manage the process.  Like all things having to do with aircraft, it’s a matter of safety precaution enforced by law to have an engine rigged to specifications.  But most importantly, it’s about making sure the aviator is comfortable in the air.

So while some may look at their manuals and think they know their engine, aircraft rigging is far more complex than that. If your plane hasn’t been rigged in the last few years, it’s likely that your engines are not within specifications.  Contact JSA and make sure your engines are rigged correctly today.

And don’t forget to scope out the rest of our JSA blogs to learn a little more about why we’re the experts in all things PT6 engine.


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