Though 39 years in the industry is definitely a milestone, JSA looks forward to the coming decades helping provide flight time

Another year means another notch on the wall for Jetset Airmotive. We couldn’t be any prouder.

Since 1981, JSA has been at the forefront of PT6A turbine engine distribution worldwide.  Providing more than just parts has been as important to us as our devotion to clientele – a critical component of our long-running success.

Humble Beginnings

JSA didn’t start as an authority in the world of turbine engine parts distribution.

Over the years we’ve gone from a of parts distributor to engine sales and engine management.  In addition, we can provide field services for borescope inspections, hot section inspections, troubleshooting or rigging

Engine parts, management, and so much more

From our large parts inventory, we supply  FAA certified inventory. As an authorized distributor of PMA parts for Extex and Southwest Turbine, Inc. it affords JSA’s clients a variety of competitive rates for their top of the line components.  Our Extex collection not only includes parts for PT6’s, but JSA also distributes its Rolls Royce A250 turbine engine as well.  Our inventory of PT6 and turbine engine parts continues growth.

One more advantage of in-field service is JSA’s ability to assist clients on a level that practically makes us your “maintenance buddies.”

JSA: Aging like wine

Though we celebrate this occasion, we also look forward to many more years providing PT6 parts and services.  JSA is proud of its growth and assisting customers through the decades because it shows a level of trust we’ve earned through dependability.

So, in other words, JSA is kind of like a fine distilled spirit; just one of those things that gets better with time.

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Hialeah, FL 33015

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